Remote Control

About Huayu

Anhui Huayu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the research and development, and the manufacture of home electrical equipment remote control and IC, is one of the largest and earliest corporation in manufacture of remote controller.

Our company was founded in 1988, is located in Qinlan (which is the model town of Anhui private economic)industrial zone — the largest production base of electronic components of China。Our company has beautiful environment and garden style factory. The south of our company is closed to the “World Financial Center”-Shanghai, the north is closed to No.205 national highway, the traffic is very convenient.

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30 years of industry experience / professional R&D team / a number of national patents / thousands of employees / most remote control types

Hardware capabilities

Huayu has a remote control industry's most advanced production line and high-speed mounter supporting reflow soldering, wave soldering, such as high-end welding, special-purpose measurement and environmental testing, life testing, aging testing and other products of the advanced performance testing equipment.

It is also adding a variety of high-end equipment and product upgrades. Huayu matching IC program automatic burning, remote control injection molding, screen printing, fuel injection, conductive adhesive and other production capacity of a very strong workshop, to ensure the delivery of products and low-cost operation.

Huayu has a perfect quality assurance system, can fully meet customer demand for high-quality products.

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